Is Your Addiction Treatment Call Center Full of Superstars?

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Addiction Treatment Call Center

Your employees are the face and personality of your organization. In most cases, a prospective patient or one of their loved ones contacts your addiction treatment call center for information before they visit. They may call repeatedly. Plus, if they’re calling for someone else, they may leave a name and phone number and expect your representative to follow up several times, … Read More

5 Reasons to Use an Outside Recruiter for Your Behavioral Health Center Job Openings

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Behavioral Health

There’s one primary reason to use recruiters – they’re experts. You may have 500+ connections on LinkedIn and receive hundreds of resumes from and, but are they the right people to staff your addiction treatment center? Here are the top five reasons we think recruiters are the way to hire effectively for a behavioral health center. They understand the … Read More

Ready to hold a behavioral health job fair? 4 things to keep in mind

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job fair

The behavioral health industry is experiencing a level of growth that isn’t being seen in other industries. In 2014, there were more than 14,000 addiction treatment facilities, and 2.5 million people received treatment; more need it each year, but most facilities are filled to capacity. In response, countless new facilities are opening and larger organizations are opening new locations. To … Read More

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Valeo Resources was our guiding hand to find the right people. It seemed to be near impossible before seeking their professional assistance. We are building a strong team and focusing on growing with the correct skills obtained with their help. – Kristine Wilson, CEO

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Valeo Resources is top notch in every aspect! As a development firm that handles all sorts of technologies from iPhones to financial systems, we need the best talent. The team at Valeo worked with our strict guidelines and found us the right candidates. – Anthony Segrich, CEO